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It was a crazy idea with a friend to make some extra beer money.Let’s just say that opened up my mind to a whole new world and made me think outside the box!I’ll try to squeeze in some yoga or a gym workout, shower, breakfast and then focus on my emails and social media.I don’t have a set plan for how I do my work, but usually I focus on what is most urgent.I handle pretty much everything except the IT/software side of things, so it’s a lot of work.Luckily, living Kenya gives you a great quality of life and having a full-time chef makes it easy to eat healthy, and gives you more time to stay focused on work. Setting up a business in Kenya is not easy; we have had a lot of challenges and hurdles to cross!These days when we post something on our Facebook page it only reaches about 50 to 100 people out of 12,500 people.

DMK is a members–only site that helps bing people together in a fun and safe online environment; we make it easier and more convenient for busy professionals and expats to meet.Apart from being the first premium, members-only site in Kenya, we also are the safest and most private, ranking us as Kenya’s #1 trusted dating website.I believe in quality over quantity and the members appreciate this approach too.So I make sure all meetings are scheduled close to the office or not during rush hour, when a 3km [1.9 miles] trip can take hours.I’m an early riser and get up at about 6/am (depending how late I worked the night before).People forget that online dating has been around in America and Europe for well over 20 years.

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