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So the 3 past nights I've woken up with my bed completely wet. It was not a problem cause I already had goodnites to wear to bed. At first i used to wear the pullups where if you peed in them, the princesses would disappear. I have a recurring bedwetting problem, but my parents were never accepting with dealing with it.

The problem was my mom walked in my room when i was sleeping and saw my diaper. Now that i'm 16 i usually wear goodnites or underjams. When they began dealing with bedwetting, instead of any attempt to work through it, my mom bought me diapers and told me I had to wear them. Hello I am bed-wetter back as I can remember and now I like it.

Whatever kind of fetish video you are looking for we probably have it.

I was a lifetime bedwetter, I had a dry spell from 13 or so and was in a bad car accident when I was seventeen.

I hid my unused Goodnites in numerous places when... He will only shower on Monday through Friday after work.

Which means, for one thing, that we rarely have sex on weekends, because I don't like...

is the easiest way to meet new people, and chat with random strangers from all over the world.I can't believe how I old I'm getting and I still wet the bed. So when i would take dirty clothes down the the dryer i would see my dad briefs and they had yellow stains i didnt think anything of it until one night i decided i would sleep with him and i woke up and he had...I thought that I would grow out of it eventually, but I feel like at the rate I'm going I'll be wetting my bed forever. So, about 75% of the time when i drink alcohol i wet the bed. When a teen my 4 year younger sister slept with diapers but my problem was not so intensive as hers, I did wet perhaps once a mounth.We have a wide variety of fetish videos categorized, for you to enjoy.From the more general BDSM videos and bondage videos to the more specific such as foot fetish videos, femdom videos, and even as specific as videos based around a particular sextoy such as lesbian bondage videos, or a particular habit like smoking fetish videos, even down to the action like spanking videos and adult diaper ABDL videos.He was a single dad and didn't have time for constantly washing my sheets, so I had to wear protection. For some reason, I forgot that I had a white rubber sheet on the bottom bunk bed which I... Well one night I was having this dream I was hunting deer and had to pee,so...

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