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If you want to verify multiple tests, one after the other, you often need to jump to the next test after you verified and completed a test.To do this, Test Rail has useful links to the next and previous tests in the toolbar.Please refer to the sidebar menu on the right if you are interested in a specific topic.One page element you can find on most pages in Test Rail's user interface is the toolbar.Based on the entered estimates, actual test times and other usage data, Test Rail generates estimates and forecasts for test runs, plans and milestones that help you track and schedule your software tests.

This functionality is especially useful if you update test cases for new software versions on a regular basis.Test Rail contains many useful features and tricks for power users.This article explains some of these features to help you get the most out of Test Rail's user interface and functionality.Additionally, the forecasts get more and more accurate as you enter more test times and estimates, as Test Rail uses your historical data to improve the estimates.Test Rail differentiates between three levels of forecast accuracies: You can view estimates and forecasts on the sidebar of the test suite pages (via the case count link).Test Rail also comes with various reports that display the coverage for requirements, found defects over time and a comparison of test results.

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