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They even have a book containing a map-like illustration of a person's destiny moving in real time.

The Adjustment Bureau is a mix of suspense, romance, and science fiction with some religious and political undertones on the side.

W punktach od A do Z spróbuję odpowiedzieć na najczęściej zadawane przez Was pytania. Sama nie sądziłam, że jest aż tak wiele kwestii do omówienia.

Zapraszam do lektury części pierwszej mojego subiektywnego abecadła o trądziku…

While the result is an entertaining movie, The Adjustment Bureau could have achieved more if managed to focus on one aspect alone or at least gave more emphasis on the aspects where it worked.

"The Adjustment Bureau" will be shown in the Philippines on March 4, 2011.

David and Elise's blossoming romance was thwarted when a mysterious group of men abducts David and warns him that he should never see Elise ever again.

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