Adult chats throught aim


This is Nina’s first job after college and her second job ever.I see why she is uncomfortable because while Mika is not her boss, she is not her peer and is senior to her.Plus, I didn't have my own phone, let alone one that took pictures.Yet, AIM languished as its users and the technology world around it matured.Back in December a new employee started in our office. Another employee, “Mika,” got obessed with Nina’s hair. Mika’s hair was a single length and almost down to her stomach.Nina was flattered and she showed Mika several photos of herself with the cut, which she has had for three years.For those who still use AIM, or did until recently, Oath has posted an information page describing how you can download and preserve your data.Chats should be logged by default, but any images or files will have to be downloaded individually. Most of us will not have anything to save from those accounts.

Mika decided to get it and even went to Nina’s salon to get it done. She has cried over it while at work and this makes everyone uncomfortable.

It was also the first place where I learned people online are different than they are in real life, and the heartfelt conversation you had with someone on AIM did not guarantee that connection would carry over into class the next day.

In some ways, it was the ideal tool for dealing with high school, if you kept your wits about you.

Even though it had languished in irrelevance for years, AIM occupies a warm place in the hearts of kids who came of age online — the place where we discussed Beanie Babies and Destiny's Child albums, but also where we shared our thoughts about 9/11 and the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.

For me, AIM was the first element of the Internet that caught my fascination and addiction.

15 when AIM, the instant messaging program started in 1997 by AOL, will sign off permanently.

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