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“Honestly, I’m going to be very surprised if, once Curio is released, we don’t see a mass adoption by anybody who’s been using other platforms,” he said.

“With Curio, anything that can be done in Open Sim can be moved over and it will gain a substantial number of features without losing anything.” For example, he said, Curio has better graphics.

But the biggest change is that the Virtual World Web software will be available as a stand-alone package, allowing customers to run their own worlds almost completely independently from Utherverse, except for the centralized login system.

Pricing hasn’t been determined yet, but could run at “several thousand dollars,” said Shuster.

For example, today, Utherverse users have to choose their avatars from a pre-set selection of shapes.

“Regular users can’t just create them and upload them,” Shuster said.

Moving around can also create problems, if the user has problems finding the arrow keys.

“When we’ve been demoing the new Curio package, we demo it with the Oculus Rift and hand the user a joystick,” said Shuster.

Virtual World Web will allow for more in-world creativity.Customers can even resell Virtual World Web hosting, he added.“It’s really unique — hosts will basically become ISPs,” he said.“We are working on that, and that is going to be released,” said Shuster.“But from my personal experience with it, its hard to get over the not wanting to talk to yourself.This is similar to the Open Sim model, where anyone can download the Open Sim software and set up an Open Sim grid hosting business, except that in Open Sim identities are completely federated — each grid manages its own login process. So does that mean that we will soon see a metaverse where people can choose between proprietary and open source virtual world server software?

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