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Years ago things were "special" or "a treat", nowadays it's daily chocolate biscuits & all you want. Today from what you see, the kid of today must be entertained every minute, they have no imagination, they'll just be another sheep in the system.

We Have A Portable Sony Stereo System, Can You Repair It? Don't Fiddle With The Inside Parts Of Tuners The Yamaha CR-1000. 1972 Hifi Shops Making Worthwhile Systems For Customers. (odd Comments On Other Brands) What Is Music Power Rating? 1970-72 HFN/RR Has Got Lots Written, How About 1956-69 Era? But all it takes to get people interested in "Better Sound Quality" is to be cruel & let them hear Hifi done properly & they will forever crave it.

But Today's Idea Of A Speaker Bar You Put Under The TV Johnny Staccato TV Series From 1959 Is The Earliest One To Feature Hifi Risks Buying NOS Old Power Transistors. In 1971 Only A Few Bigger Companies Did Mail Order Omnidirectional Speakers Do You Need Filters On Amplifiers. We Can Upgrade Valve Amps - Why Haven't We Got Them For Sale? He Who Is Happy Listening To A Portable Radio Is The Lucky One ESL Light Bulbs: Can They Be Dangerous? The E27 20w Lloytron Aren't Made Anymore So What Else Is There? My Amp Keeps Making Click Noises At Regular Intervals. Sound Quality has really been forgotten & considering 1979 was the Peak Year for Hifi sales, 38 years ago is approaching two generations ago.

Comparing The Technics Sl-1500 With Goldring G-800E To The Garrard 301 With Roksan Corus More Goldring G-800E vs Roksan Corus. On East Enders at Xmas we were led to believe the crappy speakers on a laptop would be enough to fill the pub with 2w of 'power' and many buy those powered speakers to get 15w, the same sort of junk that was around in Cassette days.

We Don't Usually Try Amps On Our Loudspeakers Until Recapped. The Gadget Show in it's populist approach shows TVs with 4K HD pictures, but as a Dec 2016 episode showed, the fact that flat screen TVs are of no physical depth, the speakers inside are probably as bad as 1970s TVs. There's no room in the TV cabinet & anyone into Cinema Sound will buy a 5.1 or 7.1 Stereo receiver & use a Ti Vo or Sky box to use the digital optical outputs.

All adds to the Skill we put into amps we Sell & Upgrade. The mass-market approach to Audio, we'll not call it "Hi-Fi", is mostly very mediocre.

Transistor Amps With The Technics Sl-1500 & Goldring G-800E. For Site Readers, The Reviews Do Show Ones We've Upgraded. We Have Played Classical Via The Expensive UK LPs 1956-63 Era. For TV sound using a chosen amp plus 15" Tannoys gives far more full sound & the realism you wrongly think only speakers placed around the room will give can be delivered by big speakers. Headphones or Earpieces are how music is listened to today, or the tiny 'speaker hole' in the back of a mobile phone with it's heavily EQ'd sound.

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