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However, symptoms are an individual phenomenon, with people exhibiting many different symptoms, perhaps over the course of their lifetime.

Tics are experienced as an irresistible urge (as, for example, in a sneeze) and must eventually be expressed.

However, the evidence supporting such a link is not conclusive at this stage.

In terms of cause, genetic studies show that TS is inherited as a gene or genes, there being a 50% risk of the gene being transmitted with each separate pregnancy.

For a diagnosis of TS to be made, the onset of symptoms must be before the age of 18 years.

Once the tic has been performed, until it feels ‘just right’, a sense of relief is then experienced.

The estimated incidence of this ranges from 35% to 50%.

The incidence of TS in OCD is lower (5% to 7%), although tics are reported in 20% to 30% of individuals with OCD.

Complex motor tics include jumping, smelling, touching rituals, and self-injurious behaviour.

Coprolalia (vocalising offensive words and phrases), Echophenomena (repeating a sound) and Echolalia (repeating a word or phrase just heard) constitute complex vocal tics.

Many people try and suppress their tics until they can find a secluded spot in which to release them.

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