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Peer Counseling for Older Adults employs and trains semi-retired, compassionate individuals who counsel older adults who often suffer emotional and mental distress during the difficult transitions of aging. Adult Outpatient Program We offer many services to individuals with mental health or substance use disorders and to those who suffer from both.

Our staff are highly skilled and trained to provide individual, group, case management, and couples treatment.

Imagine walking out of a summer movie with friends and not being able to express your opinion because you can’t keep up with their conversation.

These are very real situations for millions of Americans who live with speech and language disorders, and they can be even more frustrating for those who don’t have the tools to deal with them.

North Range Behavioral Health adult services are provided by compassionate, professional staff trained to address both mental health and substance use challenges; we focus on assisting individuals lead more fulfilling lives and re-engage in their communities. Lupton and surrounding areas with a variety of services that meet the needs of individuals with mental health and substance use disorder issues. Services focus on each individual’s unique strengths and interests and may include individual and group therapy, case management services, support groups, medication monitoring and evaluations, and community-based services.

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In the past, sessions have incorporated book club and movie discussions, and even a classic car show in the parking lot outside the clinic where clients were able to chat with the car owners and ask questions.“[The programs are] really driven by the people, the men and women who come here, and their interests,” Gallagher said, “and those can shift from year to year.

It’s something that the aphasia program especially addresses, with a focus on group-based conversation.

ACE is a four-week program wherein clients can attend as many as four or as few as two, three-hour sessions each week.

While they get plenty of experience with kids through the several child-based programs offered by the Speech and Language Clinic, such as the Summer Program for Elementary Literacy and Language and the Pediatric Communication Clinic, the aphasia and stuttering clinics help them to get experience with adults.“Our students need to be trained across the lifespan, from birth to death,” Ingram said.

Speech pathology grad student Taylor Lorengo has led both children’s and adults’ sessions.

So we have ideas, materials and resources, but it’s driven by the individuals who come.”Ryan Calvert has been attending the aphasia clinic for several years since suffering a stroke in September of 2006.

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