Air force dating

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A Russian warplane came within five feet of a US Air Force reconnaissance plane over the Baltic Sea on Monday, two US officials told Fox News on Tuesday.

As the planes were flying side by side, the Russian pilot began to undertake 'provocative' maneuvers by flying 'erratically,' according to a US official.

An American RC-135 reconnaissance plane is seen in the above stock image While it is not uncommon for Russian and American planes to engage in mid-air 'interactions' over the Baltic, the high-altitude near-miss incident was unusual in that the behavior by the Russian pilot was deemed 'unsafe,' according to US officials.

And with tensions rising across the war-torn nation, it was announced on Tuesday that an armed Iranian-made drone operated by pro-Assad forces had been shot down by US forces.

The Pentagon says pro-Assad forces initiated the fight when it bombed US base.A relationship is considered fraternization even if the parties are in different units, different commands or even different branches of service.Fraternizations is defined in the Manual for Courts-martial as: A personal relationship between an officer and an enlisted member that violates the customary bounds of acceptable behavior in the Air Force and prejudices good order and discipline, discredits the armed services, or operates to the personal disgrace or dishonor of the officer involved...It stopped short of saying it would shoot them down.The Russian Defense Ministry said it was also immediately scrapping a Syrian air safety agreement with Washington designed to avoid collisions and dangerous incidents.According to the officials, a Russian Su-27 fighter jet which was armed with missiles 'rapidly' approached an American RC-135 reconnaissance plane.

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