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The Corporate Archives division of Transport for London recently held a short internal exhibition at their headquarters at Palestra, called “Mapping London” and showcasing new and old maps of London’s transport from the archive.

Amongst the highlights included this Lego historic tube map.

Created by Blue Crow Media (see also their craft beer and cycling maps, it is the first in a new series of map-based guides to London architecture, focusing on the modern 1950s/60s “raw” concrete-heavy designs by Le Corbusier and others of the post-war architectural phase.

The map is presented attractively in a blue band which keeps it nicely folded.

As an update to our previous feature on a replica map set of the John Rocque eighteenth century map of London, we feature the Locating London’s Past project.One of the most striking differences is the lack of the Embankment road (for example, in the snapshot below).Instead, streets and yards just lead straight down to the edge of the River Thames, often ending at a flight of stairs down to the water itself.From plague skeletons to woolly mammoths, The cartography of the map is very pleasing to the eye, it combines the characteristic “sketch style”, with both the artefacts and the rail and river lines appearing as “pencil strokes”, but forming proper geographic map accurately showing the route.You can, by the way, see how Crossrail will mesh with the existing Tf L routes in London on this interactive map (the line line is in purple on this latter map). See also our previous feature on the official Crossrail tunnel map. For fans all all things concrete comes this map of London’s most famous Brutalist buildings.At the heart of the website is a high-resolution scanned version of the aforementioned historic map, allowing anyone to see this 260 270-year-old snapshot of (central) London in wonderful detail, including the individual alleyways and yards (with names clearly visible) linking the medieval street network.

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