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Reports seem to indicate that Baver called things off in the months leading up to the Vancouver games so she could focus on her events, and things have definitely not rekindled since.

According to Baver’s own website, Unfortunately, the trail seems to dry up for Ohno’s love life since his split with Baver.

(Starts at ) Fisher was recently surprised to run into Olympic Gold Medalist Apolo Anton Ohno who agreed to come on the show and talk about his research into his background... His Japanese research brought about some terrific surprises, and he's putting DNA to work to solve the problem on his mother's side. Host Scott Fisher with guest David Allen Lambert Segment 1 Episode 115 Fisher: And you have found us! Fisher: [Laughs] David: But enough if they can get little fragments of them, including part of a calendar bearing the date of December 6 1917 with a note that Emperor Nicholas the second, the last Czar of Russia, had been executed. We can also do something cool, which is basically trying to see whether those little bits of Neanderthal ancestry are correlated with any trait.

Whether or not you've spit in a cup yet, you're going to want to know where this exciting field is going. Tom is going to save you a lot of heartache and errors! That's all this week on Extreme Genes, America's Family History Show! I wanted to share a little story with you and wanted people to know, the first leftovers actually probably occurred during the first Thanksgiving. There were many of the Indians coming amongst us, and among the rest the greatest king Massasoit were some 90 men for whom three days we entertained and feasted.” Basically what you’re caring about is a Thanksgiving that lasted for days. Well in Russia, in a Catholic cathedral, in the Cathedral of Assumption in Zelenograd, 40 miles west of Moscow, they have found scraps of paper that had been put away in nests from birds since the 19 century. In this roof that they were redoing in this 15 century cathedral, they found fragments of letters dating back to the 1830’s records that was written in calligraphy from the 1820s to ‘50s and these are all torn apart by birds. If I was there, I’d probably want to bring back some sort of a souvenir you know, like maybe a German cannon. And show you exactly, you know, on a chromosome 1 chromosome 2 exactly where to find it.

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Fisher: [Laughs] I don’t know if they had a lot of dogs back there. I mean hopefully they were not part of the first feast. [Laughs] David: [Laughs] But sharing things doesn’t always have to be from humans. I think the term “hoarders” comes from the New England attic. David: My great grandfather was in the Canadian expeditionary forces in World War I. Fisher: [Laughs] David: During the Liberty War Bonds Drive back in World War I, if you purchased a war bond for a certain amount of money, they gave you a token that was made from a piece of a German cannon captured during the war. David: So I now have a piece of a cannon that fits my pocket and it’s a piece of an artefact that could have been you know from a cannon on a battlefield, that my great grandfather was trying to attack. In the new Neanderthal report we’ve chained it up a little because there’s been some new data coming out.

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It was a remarkable comeback for Baver having broken her leg the year before in a collision on the track.

It was Baver’s third Olympic games having previously competed in 20.

David: And I don’t know if they brought home doggy bags from the first Thanksgiving. I think Family Histoire News may have been done by pigeons in Russia, at one point. [Laughs] David: You know I always love a touchstone of history, and of course for New Englanders, we never throw anything out. You can get one and I bought a small part of a German cannon on e Bay this week for . So basically most modern humans, present day humans that are outside of Africa have a signature of these Neanderthals in their genome. In the old report we had around three percent, my mother was in the higher.

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