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Sharples is accidentally injected with the serum and transformed into the Abominatrix.

Abraxas, sometimes called the Dark Man, is a cosmic entity in the Marvel Universe.

The character, created by Simon Furman and John Royle, first appeared in Death Metal #1 (January 1994) published under Marvel's Marvel UK imprint.

Within the context of the stories, Abysss is an inter-dimensional being who enters the primary reality of the Marvel Universe after destroying all matter in another reality.

"Ace" Spencer grew up in poverty in the slums of New York.

His mother was forced to become bedridden while Ace was a teenager, and Ace raised his brother and sister on his own.

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Abominable Snowman is the name of two or three characters in the Marvel Comics Universe based on the folklore character.

Achelous is a Greek river god in the Marvel Universe.

The character, adapted from the deity from Greek mythology by Frank Tieri and Mark Texeira, first appeared in Hercules vol. Within the context of the stories, Achelous is a Greek river god, son of Oceanus and Tethys, and an antagonist for Hercules.

A similarly-designed but different character appears in the story "Creature Feature" by Keith Giffen and Eduardo Francisco published in Nick Fury's Howling Commandos #2 (January 2006) as one of the members alongside Sasquatch to track down Groot.

A larger Abominable Snowman similar in appearance to Carl Hanson appeared as an inhabitant of Monster Isle.

Abominatrix (Florence Sharples) is an adversary of She-Hulk in the Marvel Universe.

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