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Unique fragrance unlike no other (except TF Plum Japonaise, they're brothers) !! But what really gets me is the musk in the drydown. It's excellent, that said, it's not the powerhouse I thought it would be.Its heavenly and I find it always stays in my clothes even thru few washings and for me its heaven. The longevity is a solid 6 hours and the sillage isnt huge but its noticeable. The silage isn't great on me, doesn't project as I would like for the price. This is a transitional type of fragrance that starts off Smokey (which I didn't like) with a subtle hint of Black Berry hiding in the background.As others said it is very complex and multilayered.One can easily appreciate the quality with the opening notes.I find it hard to isolate other notes, this simply smells excellent. Longevity is more than 10 hours, projecting for about 4. I've never had an issue with the magnetic cap version. Edit: All of my new magnetic cap Amouage fragrances are Made in Oman, if that matters to you. And then I discovered it was indeed Jubilation Man.Magnetic cap version: Opens up with a smell reminiscent of fruit jam, which feels very high quality & lasts for no more than 15 minutes & soon transitions to the mid which smells like pure Frankincense with a hint of juicy jam from the top & this phase lasts up to 02 hours. Longevity: 8 hours Projection: 5/10 6/10 Plastic cap version: The opening of this hits you in the face. As the hours pass by it loses the whisky/berry accord slowly while the big punchy oud/frankincense/tobacco/cedar/rose take the stage. This is boozy, blackberry, honey, raspberry, and incense all in one. In the beginning there is this fecal oud smell combined with raspberry.It’s like any dessert that after a few bites it’s so rich that you feel full.

The notes that come out are amazing..Orange, Frankincense, ohhh the Blackberry, and the Honey, Cinnamon, Rose, Clove, Gaiac Wood, Patchouli, Musk, Ambergris, Oud wood..these notes give Jubilation XXV a very unique spicy woodsy but fruity [berry] feel that is absolutely wonderful to behold! Projection: 7/10 Longevity 9/10 Silage: 8/10 Overall: 8/10 Jubilation XXV is a fantastic fragrance; reminds me of a few others I own i.e.a few different Molton Brown Navigation Scents, Journey Man Amouage, has a VERY distinct resemblance to L'Artisan Timbuktu...I tried this wonderful fragrance today and ultimately fell in love with it.It also smells a bit like a sugary caramel latte from a machine. Not a bad scent, but not something I think is worth a full bottle. Dense, long-lasting, thick, sweet, complex, spicy, incense-imbued, opulent powerhouse. Similar to Tom Ford Plum Japonais but lighter and without the plums, similar DNA though. Imagine a less piney, much softer, but more rounded and resinous Fille en Aiguilles. The drydown is one of the finest things I have ever put my nose to.Longevity outstanding, projection above average but not beastly, you may be surprised when you try it because it smells at first like a frag that is going to go nuclear, but it really doesn't. The faint smoke throughout is always present and is magnificently done in true Amouage fashion. It is super unique, which makes it perfect for occasions where you want to impress somebody. The herbal bay leaf and musky blackberry stand strong amongst (not against) the biblical checklist of resins and precious woods. A really nice fragrance, it can honestly feel like you have 3 or 4 different fragrances on as it progresses through the day.The scent is pleasing but surprisingly not strong enough even at EDP concentration. This one is elegance in a bottle and for high-status seeking professionals. Likely an older male I have recently purchased this fragrance given all the high praise this fragrance receives.

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