Artsy online dating


As a general rule I'm good natured, honest, dedicated, and hard-working.

I enjoy being outside, I like gardening, hiking, and I love the beach.

I’ve recently come to realize something very interesting.

You know how some girls gravitate towards the athletes, the nerds, the workaholics, the military men or the “bad boys"?

She won’t tell you your opinions are wrong, or disagree with you, and will make no comparisons.

Instead, your girl will tell you the girl with the bold makeup has the bravery she wished she had.

The painters, chefs, drawers, graphic designers, musicians, singers, actresses, cosmetologists, interior designers, writers, tattoo artists, fashionistas, photographers, dancers or sculptors?

I'm also a very good cook, rather independent, and I definitely have a vibrant personality. I work out several times a week and am relatively fit.She sees no harm in their existence, and knows that they are the way that they are for a reason.She forever applauds their separation from the norm. If life were a book, and years were chapters, then days would be pages.She will tell you the man with the mohawk is crying for attention, and wished she could be his friend.And the new sculpture will be praised for its detail and elements of design.And more importantly, she’ll make an effort to show you. She will skip her meeting and pick you up from the airport.

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