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Actually, the movement refers to the American government and its institutions as "the enemy."WAR claims that the white race can only survive by resisting the social integration with non-whites and by promoting racial segregation and the coalition of all white workers through the rekindling of racial hate.

Lone wolves should, according to Metzger, keep a low profile, working as very small cells or alone, trying to gain the respect and cooperation of other whites for the cause, while they infiltrate and take strategic positions in every level of the system—from the private to the public spheres.They should act as spies in their own surroundings, trust nobody, not even their peers and supporters, gathering any important background information about them, such as their military backgrounds, personal past history, relationships, etc.Lone wolves should act as eyes and ears for the white supremacist cause, by snooping into police communications, people's ideologies, civil records, etc., in order to avoid the infiltration of government agents among their cells.WAR's central premises are that racism is a matter of instinct underlying racial survival.The theory goes on claiming that "blue-eyed blonds and green-eyed redheads" were the dominant race throughout human history due to "thousands of years of pure hate racism." Furthermore, the white race is pictured as being the main target of an international Zionist conspiracy designed by the wealthy Jews of the world to dominate not only the governments, but also the world economic system, in search of an alleged Jewish supremacy.Such Zionist conspiracy would have infiltrated its agents at all levels of the American society, misleading the white younger generations into a state of passive alienation and manipulation by the social policies of racial integration and tolerance towards non-whites such as African Americans, Native Americans, Latinos, and Semites, in general.

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