Auto updating digital picture frame


Each Nixplay unit comes with a free standard Nixplay account that allows you to upload photos, import photos from Facebook, Instagram, and Picasa Web albums, as well as accept photos via email (each Nixplay account has a custom email address).The free standard account is good for one frame, up to 5,000 photos, and 10 unique slideshows (essentially the Nixplay equivalent of categories/albums).

Now that we’ve drawn your attention to that great feature, we’re ready to start putting pictures on the frame. Now remember, the Nixplay unit have an SD card slot and a USB port so you can always just load pictures on some flash media and stick it into the picture frame; what sets the Nixplay apart is the cloud-storage, however, so that’s what we’re focused on.The frames support JPEG/JPG images and video in the H.264 format.The frame is a matte black rubber and the screen surface is matte.The Nixplay is the first Wi-Fi enabled digital picture frame from the Nix company (although their first networked offering, they’ve been in the digital picture frame business for quite awhile).As of this review, the Nixplay lineup consists of one model, the W08A which sports an 8″ 800×600 pixel screen; the company has plans for additional Nixplay units with larger and higher resolution screens.Even if you have no intention of using the cloud-based service, you will still need to connect to the servers at least once to initialize the unit and check for updates.

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