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However, like them or not, they did represent a return, at least on Telfair Square, to the concept of using trust lots for public buildings.

The buildings, however, reflect the scale and detail of the Regency style Telfair building and the Greek Revival Trinity Methodist Church across the street.

After Hurricane Harvey left its mark on the Houston area, CBS set up a fund to help many of our own students who were affected.

One of our faithful donors provided a matching fund of up to ,000.

Currently there are at least nine existing denominations, including (between brackets the Dutch abbreviation): Since the Reformation the Netherlands, as one of the few countries in the world, could be characterised as a mainly Calvinist state.

Until the first half of the 20th century, a majority of the Dutch (about 55%) were Reformed and a large minority (35-40%) were Catholic.

Please know that your donation has helped a CBS student in need.

However, the tile exterior led Savannahians to call them the bathroom buildings and there has been talk, from time to time, of tearing them down.

It is with great pleasure that I am able to tell you that the matching program was a success.

We at CBS are so grateful for all of the donations.

Edward Telfair, arrived and prospered during the Crown colony period, leading up to the Revolutionary War. He established a successful export business in Savannah with a business partner, Joseph Clay, a relative who had come to Savannah from England to establish his fortune.

Edward Telfair married into a prominent former South Carolinian family, which enhanced his power and he ultimately became Governor of Georgia.

John returned to England after his short residence in Savannah.

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