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(One advantage accruing from i OS 11 is that new codecs make file sizes for the likes of 4K videos are half the size of those taken in i OS 10.) As with the i Phone 7, the i Phone 8 Plus retains its photographic edge over the smaller i Phone 8 because of its second rear lens.

As well providing the extra choice of an optical zoom, this also facilitates an improved portrait mode, which separates the person you're photographing from the background by creating a shallow depth of field.

You're arming yourself with a hell of a weapon here.

Aside from the sensor, there's a whole load of tech under the hood that makes this the case.

The top model, the i Phone X, has a new screen design and facial recognition technology.

But it won't be available until November and costs well over €1,000.

Both wide angle cameras on the i Phone 8 and i Phone 8 are optically stabilised, which is also critical for low light, non-blurred results.

(Neither of the 7-megapixel (f2.2) selfie Facetime cameras are optically stabilised, nor is the telephoto lens on the i Phone 8 Plus.) Much of the camera's accomplishment is down to help from the new A11 Bionic chip under the hood.

Apple knows that people will pay more for a phone with a top camera and it has invested quite a bit into its new lenses and sensors. This is easily the best cameraphone on the market to date and, more than ever, a reliable, competent (if limited) replacement for a standalone camera.

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