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It's a creepy feeling in the real world, and spying happens in the cyber realm, too.Spyware is just one kind of malware, and the best antivirus utilities should also do the best job protecting you from spyware.You'll find encryption built into many security suites, among them Bitdefender Total Security, G Data Total Security, Kaspersky Total Security.Note, though, that it's tough to find and encrypt every shred of personal data.The keylogger can even be a physical device, installed between the keyboard and the PC.

When this sort of protection is active, the keylogger typically receives random characters, or nothing at all, in place of your typing, and attempts at screen capture come up blank.The possibilities are vast, but I'll focus on the ones designed to steal your personal data.They silently sift through your files and documents, seeking information to send back to malware HQ.For example, the Trojan might transfer ,000 out of your account but strip that data from the activity log that you see.You can prevent man-in-the-middle and other types of browser-based spying by using a hardened browser. Some wrap your existing browser in added protective layers. And some move your browsing to a secure desktop, entirely separate from the normal desktop.Some products go to extremes, scrambling the key locations, or creating a flock of decoy cursors to foil screen-capture attacks.

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