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You will also have access to one on one coaching with me!

I have a passion for helping teens and college students get started online. A blog also known as a weblog is simply a website that maintains an ongoing chronicle of information that fascinates a particular niche.

The deadline for most tasks ranges between 2-3 hours.

Teenagers who have a passion for writing can transform their love for writing into a decent pay.

Online surveys are a teenage friendly gig because they require no extensive knowledge or effort.

Some of these teens are making 0-00 per month! Teenagers who are knowledgeable about websites can simply make money by joining sites such as Userlytics. The tasks include speaking your thoughts about a website out loud on a webcam. Depending on the website being tested a single review can take 10 to 20 minutes.

Essentially the internet gives teenagers an opportunity to productively spend their free time and also provides a platform where they can monetize their hobbies, talents and passion.

An example of an exceptional teenager who has amassed wealth online is Michigan native Ashley Qualls who taught herself HTML and launched a site known as Whatever which she used to showcase her designs to potential buyers. Her site grew gradually and currently has more than 7 million users. This creative and innovative teenage pacesetter is living proof that with determination and the right information a teenager can indeed make money online.

Essentially, simply reviewing products can earn teenagers a considerable amount of money on a daily basis.The internet has created a space that allows teenagers to literally be on the same playing field as anyone else.When working online their age is a non-issue and all they are judged by is the quality, creativity and relevance of their work.The internet is full of scams, but it also has a ton of money making opportunities that a teenager can take advantage.I am going to help you to avoid the scams and give you my rundown of the easy ways for teens to make money online.Starting a blog is free thanks to the Wealthy Affiliate program.

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