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Instead of blocking her students or talking to them about how to use social media appropriately, she brushed off their incessant questions in class and online, even as they grew more personal and sexual.Once, students asked if she really called her husband Boner Jones—a nickname they’d seen online.

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To get the best results, please make sure you're using the latest version of your browser.Her father was a quiet workaholic, while her mother served as the family disciplinarian. The middle sister, Katie, was closest with their mom, and Tara, the youngest, was their dad’s favourite. While her sisters embraced farm life, Jaclyn was less interested in doing chores in the barn or ­caring for the animals. By the time she entered Grade 9, she was an A student, determined to finish high school a year early, get to university and start a life of her own.After high school, Mc Laren enrolled at Trent University, where she majored in psychology.When she started messaging them on social media, the flirtation turned into a criminal obsession that landed her in prison.Anatomy of a sexting scandal By Lauren Mc Keon | Jaclyn Mc Laren was a popular teacher who was known for lavishing attention on the boys in her class.They married in 2010 at the family farm, and she took his name.

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