Bloomberg excel add in not updating beauty and the geek still dating


If reinstalling the add-in and repeating step 2 did not work, continue to step 9. Repeat step 2 but instead of this: =intriniodatapoint("AAPL", "beta") Use this: =intriniodatapoint("AAPL"; "beta") If this did not work, or you are not in Europe, continue to step 10.

Market professionals around the world depend on Bloomberg as their source for real-time market data and news for all market sectors.

So you have deployed your awesome Excel addin in production and all is working fine for some weeks : you are enjoying your success…

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If you are still not able to get the add-in working, move on to step 4. If you didn't, restart Excel and select Enable Macros. If you didn't select to Ignore links, restart Excel and do so. To uninstall the Excel add-in, click "Tools" and then "Add-Ins...": Uncheck the blue box next to the Intrinio add-in: Completely quit then restart Excel. You may or may not still see the Intrinio Excel Add-in in your list of Add-Ins but the blue box next to it should be unchecked.Sometimes the root-cause is obvious: you have delivered a new version, but in many cases you will hardly ever know the root-cause of this annoying situation: Windows update, Office update, quick and dirty moving/installation of the addin from a workstation to another one, bad alignment of Uranus and Jupiter…A wealth of errors can happen, then it’s hard to have them all in mind, especially when you are in a hurry and with stress you start to get mixed up.If you had previously selected the 32 bit version select the 64 bit version and vice versa. If you had a typo in your API keys or entered your email by mistake, you can go to the Excel add-in folder where you un-zipped it on your computer. Don't click anything after you hit update, it can take a minute or two to pull in all of the data in the template: You should be able to click through the template tabs and see data: If you don't see any data, or see only errors, continue to step 12. If you have formatting in the cell it can interfere with the add-in.You should now see both versions in your Add-Ins list: Uncheck the version you already tried so that only one version is checked. If you have the correct version installed, you should return to your blank workbook. If you have the wrong version installed, you will see a "Compile" error and a bunch of error windows that looks something like this: If that is the case, quit Excel and repeat this step but select the other version of the add-in. Open the "Get Started.xlsm" file and hit "Enter Credentials". Try completely restarting your computer and returning to step 2. Then, copy and paste this syntax into the cell: =intriniodatapoint("AAPL", "pricetoearnings") Check the quotes you used.This article provides a step by step process for getting the Intrinio Excel add-in installed if you are experiencing problems on a Mac. The Excel tutorial will walk you through the install steps.

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