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On the season finale of Growing Up Hip Hop, Rev Run's daughter, Angela Simmons, catches up with her former flame, Bow Wow.

In ET’s exclusive sneak peek of the new episode airing on Thursday, Simmons and Kristinia De Barge (daughter of James De Barge) have a girls night out in New York City, where she unexpectedly runs into Bow Wow.

“I’m done breaking hearts,” he assures Simmons, who points out that he broke her heart several times over the years.

“I’m single now, you’re not,” he notes before adding, "so you say.”No matter what happens with Simmons’ and her fiancee, Sutton Tennyson, Bow Wow believe he’ll always hold a special place in her heart.“I’m a distraction to Angela,” he confesses to the camera. ”The conversation gets even more personal when Bow Wow reminds Simmons that there was “no way” that a man would marry her if she didn’t have sex with him first.

He says he left the room and there was no physical contact between them.

Angela bumps into the rapper, real name Shad Moss, on this week’s episode of Growing Up Hip Hop, and they question each other about why they never really speak any more despite being close in the past.Simmons goes on to reveal that she got pregnant with her son during her first time having sex, which Bow Wow doesn’t believe immediately.“I’m not joking,” she insists."It happened.”The new mom isn’t the only one talking about babies.Although he didn’t make a clear-cut decision, he definitely appeared to relish in the fact that both ladies had blessed the pup in a past lifetime. Wow has been formally in the game since he was 11-years-old, his experience with the ladies has always been a side story within itself.After a quick perusal through our archives, we discovered a lengthy list of Bow Wow girlfriends we’re sure you know by instant facial recognition. Carey’s team say they have no information on the sexual harassment claim, however they were in touch with Anello’s lawyer and have agreed to pay certain invoices.

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