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What are you looking forward to about playing the festival? On any given day, you can walk into a club in New York and find the best of the best performing.

As somebody who wants to make his presence felt in a market like this …

'Akshay persuaded Snoop to dress up like a Sardarji (male Sikh) for the song.

The rapper sportingly agreed although he's known to never go beyond his contract.' Currying favour: Snoop poses during the video for Singh is Kinng In other Snoop news, the rapper's tour bus was pulled over and two of his entourage were arrested on charges of possessing marijuana yesterday.

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Freedom is a consistent theme in Shrivastava's work.

Police stopped the bus on Interstate 45 in Corsicana, Texas because the vehicle had an expired registration sticker.

Officers allege they then found two ounces of marijuana.

Now, he’s taking the New York Comedy Festival by storm, headlining the BMCC Tribeca Performing Arts Center on Thursday.

The Post caught up with Das — who also has his own comedy series in development with Hulu — to chat about bringing his act to America.

Shrivastava explains that "the censor board is quite patriarchal and regressive and very interested in cinema that basically caters to men".

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