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As that number continues to climb, it is likely that Cool Logicians will increase as a percentage of the total.Online dating does make it easier to meet more people and maintain several dating relationships at once.Dating in the UK can often imply the start of a relationship.Whereas, from what I know about US dating culture, it’s a more casual activity where a simple coffee date has very little agenda. They’re single, many of them would love to meet someone (they’re romantics at heart), but they’re not the most proactive of people.

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Generally the dating life of someone Hoping for the Best goes something like: 1.

I know what you’re thinking, this group sounds a lot like Grant’s Cool Logicians don’t they?

But there’s one big difference: these guys probably only make up about 10% of the UK dating population and – especially if our Advice site is anything to go by – they’re not a popular group.

The general feeling is that Mr or Ms Dating by Numbers is always on the lookout for something better, and no one wants to be on the receiving end of that behaviour.

But it’s important to remember that our definition of dating differs from the US.

I estimate they make up about 60% of the UK population. They know, just as the Dating by Numbers group do, that opening up your options is a good idea, and they’ll often be found online dating.

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