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When Rachel Nichols left ESPN, there was an obvious void and opening within the bureau department. M.: It definitely weirds out my close friends and family.

An aside, I’ve always looked up to Nichols, who’s a fellow Northwestern alum. The hiring process is grueling at ESPN, you meet with no fewer than 20 people, and they really test your sports knowledge. My best girl friends joke they hate being in any photo with me because they instantly get followed by 10 strangers.

She asks strong questions, without merely nodding robot-like at the answers. She insists she’s not in this for fame or endorsement, but because she loves sports and loves journalism. BRITT MCHENRY: I played a lot of sports as kid, predominantly soccer. It benefited me in athletics and afforded me an opportunity to work with the Wilhelmina Modeling Agency in college. I mean, I know you’re a New Jersey kid, know you played college soccer at Stetson. But, I was never one of those people who dreamt about being on television. It also just so happened to be Stephen Strasburg’s first big league training camp, and the Nationals train 20 miles away from my parent’s house. Whether you like these people or abhor these people, you almost certainly these people. ” Well, It just so happened that I was going home to Melbourne, Florida for a brief vacation.I have no doubt in my mind this man took issue with it because the picture was related to a modeling agency. The fact is, anytime the positive comments start to proliferate so will the negative ones. But, I don’t see the harm in documenting travels or sharing creative ideas or jokes that might come along.Everybody in media, in this growing age of social media, needs to learn to deal with that. I’ve rarely, if ever, posted anything regarding my personal life, nor will I.That particular insult is actually a compliment (in a weird Twitter sort of way). It doesn’t matter if you have 20 perfect hits, viewers will harp on the one that’s not. If I pronounce a name wrong every now and then, so be it; just don’t make it frequent (and pray it’s not recorded). Do I wish I had a thicker skin handling inappropriate comments on social media? In a Utopian world, we would all have enough professionalism and respect for one another to avoid such behavior. For example, a local Philadelphia anchor, whom I had never even met before, tweeted a response to a picture I recently posted that read, “Crazy how modest you are.” The picture was of me as a teenager wearing a polo and pigtails.

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