Broadcast naked chat

We are looking for pretty girls to go on our android app which provides live streaming video (non adult), must be 18 , easy job but must go on video camera live to stream yourself, must have android.

(development work not needed) DEVELOPERS DO NOT BID!

To bold up, you need to but an asterisk on either side of the word, like *this*, while italics need an underscore on either side of a _word_, and strikethrough a tildes (those squiggly hyphens), just like ~this~. You can even combine commands for *_bolditalics_* attention grabbing.

That means it's time to progress beyond the basics and learn to become a Whats App wizard.

From dodging awkward messages without the guilt to keeping the adult stuff private, here are the Whats App tips and tricks that will turn you into a messaging master.1.

In a chat, simply select the name at the top to launch an in-message settings menu.

From here you can toggle mute on (NB: not big or red), cutting out the bings and bongs for a range of timeframes ranging from "friend-snubbing" 8 hours to an "OK, we're done" full year.7.

This stops your lockscreen alerts teasing the potentially incriminating introduction to a message. ' we hear you cry (with only a slight tinge of urgent panic).

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