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Mehmet Oz about the allegations that Charlie Sheen raped her son when he was 13 years old.

“I know what’s going on out there with what everybody is saying, and …

Unfortunately the photographer is concentrating on the job at hand so much that he trips over backwards and lands in a pool of water.

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So far we've seen the likes of Abbey Clancy, Karlie Kloss, Alexa Chung and Kim Kardashian all dancing around in lingerie to help us get into the festive spirit. But today it's the turn of Gigi Hadid, and whilst there's nothing Christmassy about her parading around in a bikini in a hotel room we're prepared to go along with it anyway.I can tell you as a mother that I haven’t seen one change in character.[…] Just when you thought Taran Killam and Cobie Smulders couldn’t’ get any cuter comes the story of how he knew she was The One.While she is dancing with some enviable skill the woman leans on the body of the bike to support herself.This soon turns out to be a huge lapse in judgement.You will love every second of HD full-length adult experiments.

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