Nestled within this mass of actinolite is a colorless tabular fluorapatite crystal measuring 1.5 x 1.0 x 0.7 cm.

Part of a large boulder in the Lonza river, consisting of black shiny 'biotite' in plagioclase.

I did this cause I though that some Amiga fans might like the nostalgic icon.

I can't do it cause my icons program can only do it to a maximum of 256 pixels.

You can modify it at least for your own personal use. I don't think that I qualify anyway cause the rules are that it needs to be done in an Amiga whether it is an actual hardware or emulated and I do not have either.

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The dark epidotecrystal behind the quartz measures 2 cm Find, collection and photo Erik Vercammen Beautiful Alpine Quartz specimen.

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