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You know, maybe something involving I know that the cast resides in L. but how much of the program is, or has been, filmed in Philadelphia beyond the opening credits?

It hurt some and I cried a little, but I felt like an adult afterwards. The idea to switch it up to bar owners in Philadelphia works great but I was wondering if there were any other suggestions that were toyed with before settling with that.We got to choose to either play a victim or perp, so we decided to be brother/sister lovers. People love to act on the show ‘cuz it is a very actor friendly set.We encourage these established actors to play with the dialogue in ways they might not always get to.I liked the idea..” I’ve also heard that word-of-mouth may have been a main factor in keeping you on the air past the first season.I imagine that there must have been points when you guys were concerned about contract renewals. The characters often encourage each other to do horrible shit, but they can also at times prevent each other from it.You know that show that you love so much that you can’t believe that it actually made it onto the airwaves?

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