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There, for the first time, they would pilot their craft past Mach 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6, and up above 100, 200, 300 thousand feet-and into near space.For almost six decades, Edwards has been the world's premier flight testing and flight research center.

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Aircraft on display inside the museum building include the F-16B, an NA-37B, an AQM-34 Firebee drone, the X-25B concept demonstrator, and a full-scale replica of the Bell X-1.

More than 250 skilled trades came together at NAS Alameda to create lasting records of top workmanship and professionalism. Their further purpose is to provide educational programming for schools and institutions, promote the advancement of aerospace engineering, provide public exhibitions of aeronautical materials and memorabilia, and to serve as a scholarly resource for higher education.

Edwards Air Force Base is indeed the Birthplace of Supersonic Flight, for it was here (then Muroc Air Force Base) in October 1947 that Captain Charles E.

This is the San Diego Flight Museum, a collection of living, breathing, howling Warbirds.

They maintain and fly these historic aircraft on a regular basis.

"Chuck" Yeager blasted through the sound barrier in the Bell X-1 and ushered in the supersonic age.

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