Chinesse girl dating dating women in their 4039s

Though it was started with good plot but after 2/3ep it has been messed. This drama is not worth wasting your precious drama time on when u could be watching something better.

And i think in ep 15 ,there was some obscene scene. It started off okay and then it suddenly got complicated in the middle.

I can understand why this drama didnt have very good viewership when it was aired, this is something that can only be appreciated by a more mature audience.

I am now still loving this drama and rewatch it again, I dun knoe why but never got bored of it :-) hope that HJW and LJW will star together again in new tv series as HJW said that she would like to work with LJW again if there's a chance, I hope so :-) well, I rate 9/10 for this drama, it gives me happiness to watch it , thanks to all the casts and production team, and of course, SBS!great job!wish you all the best in the future! I love Ha Ji Won always and forever, she is the best K actrees in my mind, very versatile and cannot get enough of her, she is very talented, really admire of her, , and her acting in this drama was awesome, with the male lead has great chemistry, I would love them both to be reunited again in future.

Though I do not know you, God does and He loves you. The chemistry between hana and won is really really great . This is more of a mature realistic take on love and friendship and the intricacies of human bonds.

I prayed for quick healing even if it means a miracle which I believe. I fell in love with this drama and kept rewinding scenes that made my heart ache and flutter at the same time.

I had fun watching it even without her guns, arrows, heavy crying or stunts.

I was scared to watch this based on the reviews here but... The pacing is not bad, but the type of drama is not for everyone.

I also begin to understand that by giving so much time to other couples, the writer wanted to show how different couples handled their relationships and that amount of time dating do not assure a happier married life.Not a fan of Lee Jin Wook, but their chemistry are quite good though i was actually rooting for her to end up with the pianist.This is a good drama, not boring, whole drama interesting, it talks about reality , resembles to our daily life, Ha Ji Won was so stunning and the Lee Jinwook match her acting , Thumbs Up!Others might find this drama boring because it talks about the reality in life with common daily activities and life experiences. I am a great fan of kdrama but I think i just waste my precious time.Lee Jin-Wook, your performance is the reason this is such a hit! thank you much PD Nim ,, falling in love with ha ji won's acting by watching this lovely drama, she is very good in acting, not a fan of the male lead before, prefer to warch him in his latest drama Goodbye Mr. I think hana felt this way about won because he ignored her in the past .Your performance is so credible and relatable - Kudos to you! Your eyes smile speak a thousand emotions and conveys sadness when your heart is broken yet brightens the world when you are expressing happiness and joy! Looking forward to much more of your projects in the USA!!! First watched i feel bore and i have hight espectation for hajiwon drama.. Black than this drama! This drama got me hooked , I watched it because of HJW at first, but after watching it, I love character Choi Won (Lee Jin Wook) a lot :-) This is the 1st time I watched Lee Jin Wook's acting ,and fall in love with him :-) Will check out all his other projects ! However their love scenes are giving me goosebumps .great job.hoiting. I just finished watching this drama, and I totally fall in love with it ! Lee Jin Wook n Ha Ji Won are real great!Both are versatile actor and actrees, they brings the role so excellent that let viewers enjoy deeply, I would like to rate this 9/10, you win my heart! I am a chronic illness sufferer, everytime i watch this drama, it gave me more power and spirit, makes me laugh happily ;-) makes me forget my pain of illness, i watch it again and again , it released me from pain and sadness, thank you to make me happier, God bless you all always....With this type of drama, the action happens in a way that may seem dull to some because it is not an action filled drama. Where most shows have flat characters, there are not really characters that do not go through growth in the show.

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