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After sending him a totoal of 00 it was time to come home.

I asked to see the airline receipt and asked him to email it to me, but he said the Agency never emailed it to him.

He claimed that he is divorce with a 6 yrs old daughter. Love his mother so much and inherit fortune from his late father and very religious.

Says he has a 16 yr old son whom lives with his sister in China, that she is a missionary there. I saw the scam on here and what a woman had to say and it fits him to a T only he has not had a chance to ask me for money yet, he just left for the UK for 6 weeks.

I thought it funny I could still text him and talk to him without number changing to international I have been scammed before but didn't know where to report it .

Name: tom richards Aka: unknown Age: 40 Location: dublin Address: unknown Phone: unknown Email: [email protected]: Messengers: Social: On web sites: facebook Report: Everything about you is good and excellent, You are just a complete and perfect woman and I must say that I am the most luckiest man on Earth to find the hiding Diamond. Name: william bandy Aka: steve williams Age: 40 Location: lagos Nigeria Address: unknown Phone: 203-491-0446 Email: [email protected]: Messengers: Social: On web sites: Report: I met this idiot on Zoosk.

Name: John Wells Aka: unknown Age: 49-51 Location: Afghanistan Address: unknown Phone: 2348130038143 Email: [email protected]: Messengers: Social: On web sites: yahoo messenger,be2,tagged,hi 5, FB Report: pretentedto be military in Afghan Name: Alfred O'Sullivan Aka: unknown Age: 62 Location: PA, USA Address: unknown Phone: unknown Email: [email protected]: Messengers: Social: On web sites: Italian People Meet dating site Report: Name: billy bishop freeman Aka: Michael witt Age: 45 Location: Nigeria Address: unknown Phone: unknown Email: [email protected]: Messengers: Social: On web sites: on Facebook page too Report: He pretends to be a solider. He told me the same story that He told the other girls, about him selling his deceased fathers contruction company in Lagos Nigeria.

He wanted me to cancel my substription on Zoosk to concentrate on our long distant relationship cuz he would be coming back to CT after he sold the company.

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