College life dating sim

It is the player's task to decide the schedule of the main protagonist, Kazuki Sendō, as he prepares for the Comic Party convention that takes place once a month.How fast Kazuki can complete his dōjinshi, how many copies he can sell at each convention, and what girl he is able to date depends on the player's choices.Mizuki Takase is the protagonist's friend since junior high and eventually end up in the same college together.She is energetic and athletic with long red hair in a side ponytail.Diverging frequently from Comic Party canon, this offshoot manga series includes more yaoi elements than the original materials.

It was first released on May 28, 1999 for the PC with adult content, but re-released with it removed for the Dreamcast, PC, and PSP.This is a convention where various artists gather together to share both parody, homage, and original work.Since the series was inspired by Comiket, it comes as no surprise that the "Comic Party" convention also takes place in the same building as Comiket, the Tokyo Big Sight convention center near Ariake, Tokyo.During the course of game, the protagonist will come in contact with other characters.These meetings composes mostly of text of the dialogue and actions that happen during the interactions.She is from Kobe, but comes to Tokyo often for Comic Party.

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