Comcast cable box guide not updating


GEMSTAR should hopefully be looking into an alternative relay as OTA's will start to migrate to digital as well per the various FCC mandates.If you do have a cablecard you may remove it and hook your cable up straight to see if the guide starts to load. On other boards I have also read that one issue was at the point of origin.The GEMSTAR CP at the station was locked and needed to be rebooted.I bought a Philips HDRW 720/17 at Costco on 10/7/05 for 9.99.(The previous inteface information is provided by Sharp, see Aquos user manual).If the interface connection to the TV from the Cable box is made using the Composite interface the customer will not obtain High Def TV images. The customer purchases an HD TV with TV Guide and must give up one or the other of these features to use the product.I spent 2 hrs on the phone with Phillips and they don't know what the problem is.I had to read them a bunch of diagnostic codes and they are suppose to call me back next week.

I am getting close to returning this unit and getting one with the free basic Tivo. The required carrier signal is offered only in the Digital Classic and above packages.Just as long as I can still record "Monster Garage" off DISC-HD I'm happy ;) Especially the one coming on 8-22-05! It's been 4 weeks since I talked to Samsung rep about this guide not working on my TV and the 2 weeks fix time period had been mentioned. I should have bought just a huge flat panel monitor. Please check the internet connection and try to download.That's what I end up using my feature loaded TV 90% of time anyway (only for over than x2 times of the price of the same size monitor) :-((( I am in a similar predicament as you all. Maybe I should return the products and try Pinnacle.These are just elaborations, but I guess whatever the reasons are, a presence of an alternative to Comcast capable of taking over all the services without too much troubles would definetely improve the end user situation. They said that Gemstar is experiencing problems delivering guide data through cable networks all over US (not just Comcast). They are aware of the problem and working on the solution. I have since replaced my video card with an ATI Radeon 700X.I did not get a firm answer to the question "when ? Well, there's always hand editing the lineup list for me.. That reset messed it up and I haven't fixed the outer channels yet. Checked the Gemstar On-Screen guide again a few days back. The VGA worked fine and even the DVI is passible on some stations. The picture is smoother, but the Gemstar guide still will not load. I continue to get an error message which reads: Failed to connect to the server.This information was discovered after multiple cable techs spent numerous hours at my home at a cost of over 6.

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