Communications backdating

Reyes' conviction will surely capture the attention of current and former technology executives who managed their companies throughout the dotcom heyday and long before Sarbanes-Oxley compliance rules were mandated.

Reyes' conviction could also give federal prosecutors additional confidence to prosecute high-profile executives at other companies that have admitted to improperly disclosing or accounting for option grants.

The wages they have had in the past is not good consideration - past consideration is not consideration. your last paragraph, if I were the employee in question I think I would have assumed that an NDA was assumed/implied/normal from day 1, whether or not it was formally documented, and that my wages and benefits were sufficient consideration for that NDA (again, from day 1).

I'm not sure about this site's policies -- is it reasonable/polite to ask you to justify/explain the statement that "it doesn't involve criminality"?

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In resolving what would appear to be an ordinary discovery dispute in Ryan, the court issued an opinion compelling production of all communications between a special committee and its counsel, arguably rendering a decision with wide-ranging implications. For example I think you're saying it's not fraud, forgery, or anything like that.Law Stack Exchange is for educational purposes only and is not a substitute for individualized advice from a qualified legal practitioner. The committee engaged counsel and accounting advisers, who conducted extensive interviews and analyzed significant volumes of electronic and paper material. 18 and 19, 2007, at meetings attended by the entire Maxim board and some of the individual directors' personal counsel, the committee and its counsel orally presented its final report to Maxim's full board of directors. After reports of stock option backdating scandals at Maxim and other companies were made public, Maxim formed a special committee, comprised of a single disinterested director, empowered to investigate (but not bring claims in connection with the results of any investigation of) the company's stock option grants and practices.In October, Apple released a report of its own backdating investigation, confirming that CEO Steve Jobs was aware of the practice in "a few instances." "This verdict could make indictments, even in borderline cases, much more likely," Carney added.

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