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What they are objecting to isn’t the uneasy comingling of religion and politics that for better or worse has characterized America. And anyone standing here in the summer of 2017 who doesn’t understand how badly that has gone awry are the ones who don’t understand history.Patricia Miller is a Washington, DC–based journalist and the author of Good Catholics: The Battle Over Abortion in the Catholic Church.

He is also blind to the fact that the Catho-Christian Right’s participation in politics long ago jumped the guardrails of any reasonable participation as it jettisoned one gospel principle after another in an attempt to fit with the free-market precepts of the Republican Party.

According to Faggioli, it signals the Vatican’s recognition that the U. Catholic Church “has become different than mainstream European Catholicism and mainstream Latin American Catholicism” and is now in “the hands of the religious right.” But that, according to Catholic conservatives, is a ridiculous conclusion.

He asks if the authors of the article “really believe that the good sisters were fighting for ‘some influence in the political and parliamentary sphere’ rather than simply asking to live according to their religious beliefs? Christians make up over 70 percent of the population, and while the largest single group is the Roman Catholic Church, there are literally hundreds of other Christian denominations as well as the vast world of non-denominational Christianity.

But they aren’t objecting to the application of Christian, gospel principles to public life.

What they are objecting to is the creation of an electoral juggernaut based on a cherry picking of Catholic priorities—abortion and same-sex marriage—married to a flawed theocratic vision for America.

Also, says Williams, “while Spadaro and Figueroa describe the influence of religion in American public life as a recent phenomenon, nothing could be further from the truth,” going on to note the long history of the intermingling of religion and politics in the U. Of course, Spadaro and Figueroa didn’t discount such a history.

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