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The cast includes Shiri Appleby, Constance Zimmer, B. Britt, Craig Bierko, Jeffrey Bowyer-Chapman, Josh Kelly, Brennan Elliott, and Amy Hill. » - TVSeries Josh Kelly has lost an unreal amount of weight.

» ‘Masters of Sex’ star Caitlin Fitz Gerald has been cast in season three of Lifetime’s “Un Real.” Fitz Gerald will be the first female suitor on “Everlasting,” the fictional reality show at the center of the scripted drama.While some of the director’s previous efforts, like Applesauce and Summer Of Blood, drew some extremely positive reviews, general audiences haven’t responded in kind so far, and he doesn’t make it easy for the mainstream to embrace him with Catfight, either. Now, Onur Tukel’s satire starring Sandra Oh, Anne Heche and Alicia Silverstone will open in theaters and on i Tunes on March 3. Read More: ‘Catfight’ Trailer: Watch Sandra Oh and Anne Heche Beat the Sh*t Out of Each Other In “Catfight,” Veronica Salt (Oh) and Ashley Miller (Heche) are former friends who have not seen each other since college.Veronica is now a wealthy housewife, while Ashley is a struggling artist who has to rely on her partner (Silverstone) and a dead-end catering job to make ends meet.between seasons — a weight loss meant to show the struggles his character Jeremy has been facing after helping orchestrate a car crash that appeared to kill a producer and undercover journalist in the season 2 finale.“I lost 70 pounds after the second season,” Kelly said, per The Hollywood Reporter.“ dealing subconsciously but he’s not yet dealing with, consciously, the fact that he may or may not have killed people.Sertner, Sally De Sipio, Peter O’Fallon and David Solomon.“Mary Kills People,” which also returns in early 2018, follows single mother Mary Harris (Caroline Dhavernas), an ER doctor by day, but by night, she and her partner Des (Richard Short), a former plastic » - Joe Otterson It’s a testament to “Better Call Saul” that the category might be dominated by its supporting players.

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