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The full package: Everybody has seen those iconic shots of Craig on the beach in Casino Royale when he emerges from the sea in tiny swimming trunks with muscles rippling everywhere.Actress Judi Dench was lucky enough to work closely with Daniel Craig, and while using a trailer opposite his, she was surprised to find Daniel wandering around naked one day. ‘It’s an absolute monster,’ she naughtily revealed.BONUS TRIVIA: Despite appearing far too serious to think about such things, it was actually Craig who selected the now-legendary blue trunks by Grigio Perla.6.Drama queen: Craig has has a history of dramatic declarations.Just recently he announced that he would "rather slit my wrists" than make another Bond film.He was equally hysterical after his first screen test for the role with producer Barbara Broccoli. Mum's the word: It was Daniel Craig’s mum who leaked the news about her son being the next James Bond in 2005 and not the production company, as was commonly believed at the time.

That said, a former lover spilled on exactly why the actor has always had a licence to thrill the ladies.

From scene-to-scene, dramatic lighting effects and concepts of physical space evolve but these choices complement the text and mostly maintain internal consistency.

Because of Lieberman’s wooden ceiling, there is no lighting grid. The play operates with LED panels, work lights, lighting sources from props (cell phones, glowing containers, night-vision goggles), or in total darkness. Sometimes a guitarist/soldier provides eerie background ambiance.

In his intimate production of Othello, director Sam Gold lures the audience in as co-conspirators to Daniel Craig's playful Iago as we witness how he destroys David Oyelowo's famed general.

To achieve this psychological and physical immediacy, Gold and designer Andrew Lieberman stage the work inside a cozy, six-sided plywood box where pants, cries, and whispers carry readily across the room.

Matthew Maher, as Roderigo, generates hilarity with his pregnant pauses and quizzical glances.

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