Dating advice too good to be true


Discover how to identify heart-breakers and choose a match for a blissfully happy relationship.

Ever sense that your special date is too focused on fun to settle down in a relationship?

When expectations are too far from reality, you’re destined to crash in the gulf. If the first few dates have you checking the availability of your married name on Instagram, then you should probably seek the counsel of unclouded judgement in your nearby vicinity.

But something happens on the third or fourth or maybe fifth date. Some psychologists call it landing, some call it ambivalence, some call it settling, some call it disillusionment. This is the stage with doubts, red flags, and imperfections ev-er-y-where. They learn to accept and love someone exactly as they are. I just can’t help but think the stronger the high of infatuation, the harsher the detox in the settling stage.

Does your date say and do everything right–except commit to a relationship?

You reshuffle your vacation plans because it’s too soon to leave the situation unattended for a weekend. This brain malfunction lets you act blissfully ignorant of consequences, blinded to his flaws, and deaf when your mothers says this is a God-blessed, awful idea.

This is because they often cherish their freedom more than a relationship.

What are the attractor factors of players and pioneers?

Should you take rejection personally or see the relationship as a big mistake? This healthy attitude eases the hurt when the wrong match moves on.

I often tell the Tribe of Singles community there are no mistakes – only choices with love lessons attached like a bow. Learn it so you don't have to repeat it in a new dating relationship. What if they say all the right things about wanting a relationship, but their actions don’t support their words?

When you date to find love, you need to recognize dates who just might be too good to be true to you.

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