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The Wall-Street Journal reports a security breach in the F-35 JSF program.“Computer spies have broken into the Pentagon’s 0 billion Joint Strike Fighter project — the Defense Department’s costliest weapons program ever — according to current and former government officials familiar with the attacks.The US is already giving Israel a billion in foreign aid package with which to buy this plane; it seems that the US is ponying up in additional ways: “Part of this deal are huge offsets which includes “the U. having agreed to reciprocal purchases of equipment from Israel’s defense industries totaling between billion and billion.” This makes the Israeli F-35 the most expensive variant per aircraft because the U. taxpayer will be picking up the tab via this legal money laundering deal.” Starlifter 66-0173 was parked on the ramp at Pope AFB.

Lieutenant Colonel Eric Butterbaugh of the Air Force, a department spokesman, said they do not want to deny information on a potential success or failure that might help an attacker.” Clearinghouse for Vermont residents to STOP the F-35 The Air Force presentation on the F-35 at the South Burlington City Council Meeting last April: Excellent blog by Juliet Buck devoted to the topic of the F-35 in South Burlington: Vermonters say Stop the F-35!

Such wars and occupations have harmed our soldiers and have not benefited US citizens. We ask our Congressional delegation and all Vermont elected officials: stand with the majority of Vermonters and oppose the F­35 and its basing at the Burlington airport.

We have had enough of endless war, trillions of dollars wasted, and our soldiers coming home wounded or not at all. We want noise reduction at the airport, not even louder planes.

We can stop the Pentagon’s plan to base F­35 fighter bombers at the Burlington International Airport. Its noise will disrupt learning at elementary schools located as close as 1⁄2 mile from the runway. In fact the Air Force prefers the Vermont location because our air is now so clean that this plane’s massive pollution will not degrade air quality to a dangerous level.

But Vermonters like good air quality, and we do not want our air quality degraded at all.

Instrument of War: The F­35 is designed for making war in places like Iraq and Afghanistan.

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