Dating canaries


Temperatures on Fuerteventura tend to stick somewhere between 20°C in winter and 25°C in summer – although August sometimes sees the mercury topping 30°C.

There’s always a cooling breeze, though, thanks to the island’s trade winds.

Canaries, she said, were gentler in nature and sang beautifully.

A spokeswoman for the USPS told that the agency would reimburse Ms King and issue an apology.

As it was, Ms King instead opted for an offer from the USPS to replace the birds.

“He came in carrying a box of dead birds,” she said.

“I ordered six canaries, and I ended up with carnage.” Ms King said she had always loved birds, and had raised ducks and geese.

Head north, though, and things can be a bit more humid, with occasional showers in the mix.

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