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She said Ball sent a “provocative and inappropriate” video of the two of them to his friend, who then posted it to Snapchat.The final incident listed in the document occurred on Sept.Ball then picked her up and pushed her into a chair and grabbed onto her legs hard enough to leave bruises before slapping her across the face.That was the last physical confrontation listed in the petition, which included a type-written attachment detailing the incidents.

The student-athlete’s status with the team is unchanged.Ball’s father Jeff filed an affidavit Monday stating the woman's father contacted him June 6, 2017, about some of her friends alleging that Ball had slapped his daughter.After speaking with his daughter, her father told Jeff that the allegations were untrue.27, the same day she filed a petition seeking protection against dating violence.A hearing is scheduled for Thursday in Leon County Circuit Court.The woman said Florida State football coaches arrived and said police did not need come. As she tried to leave he threw the device from her car across the parking lot.

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