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On our fourth date, the issue of race and religion came up.

He started calling me almost every day, and on our fifth date, he told me that I had “most of the qualities he looks for in a woman.” He wanted to define the relationship, which I was not ready for at this point.Witness Exhibit A who suddenly decided he was in love with you once he learned that you had a hymen.Frankly, that’s a bit messed up, and I’d be concerned if I were you.It’s like assuming you wanted to be a doctor for your whole life, but learning in med school that you actually hate it. Lest anyone fly off the handle, I’m not saying Effei should go screw a stranger at a bar.But maybe having sex with the first man she falls in love with BEFORE she gets married would be a decent idea.The issue of sex also came up, and I was straightforward, truthful, and tactful and told him that I made a personal choice to not have sex outside of marriage and that I was a virgin.

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