Dating meeting the parents


Even if my experience has not been a good one, it doesn’t mean yours won’t be.

Sara: When did you meet your girlfriend’s or boyfriend’s parents?

One night she made her feelings quite clear – in that special Japanese roundabout way.

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) matters not only for the ease of future family get-togethers, but also for the well-being of your own relationship.

Substitute the belief that you have a good sense of humor with the idea that you are forgetful, snobby, overly-sensitive, or judgmental and you can see the problem of a sticky first impression. Make sure your significant other has primed his or her parents with hints of your many admirable traits.

This will help lay the groundwork for a positive impression.

Your own parents’ approval of your partner tends to predict how much love, satisfaction, and commitment you feel in your relationship, and your partner’s parents’ approval of you does the same for your partner (Sprecher & Felmlee, 1992).

Over time, fluctuations in relationship support from family (and friends) tend to correspond with changes in the level of love, satisfaction, and commitment within your own relationship.

Although it depends on families, bringing a boyfriend or a girlfriend home in Japan often means the relationship is turning quite serious – potentially serious.

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