Dating montage


Maple lattes, apple picking, singing in the car, dancing around the kitchen, trips to the grocery story, steak in love that you act insane, nightmare dressed like a daydream...Which, when you think about it, coordinated perfectly with Tom's tucked-in button-down and While those might have seemed like suspect ensembles for sitting by the ocean, let's remember—Taylor always looks like she walked right out of the perfect-outfit catalog, so if it's not bikini weather, she goes for New England prep-schooler-enjoying-a-clambake. We won't delve into her teen years, when dating should have no business being anything other than Instagram-friendly and simple.But starting with her stroll down future-memories lane with Jake Gyllenhaal in 2010, Taylor was comporting herself like a leading lady in a romantic-comedy montage., the title track boasting the hidden message "SAG" (the consensus being it's a reference to Jake and Taylor's sun signs, Sagittarius) and "All Too Well" leading to the drop-the-mic "Maple latte" liner note.She was rumored to be planning to settle into a home off Nantucket Sound nearby, but that, er... She sat on his lap at a Haim concert, they went to dinner hand-in-hand, they frolicked with an inflatable pool swan that launched a thousand memes.They went somewhere tropical, where you could just , the lack of a lasting connection despite what the pictures looked like. And, fast-forward less than a month, Taylor and Tom—whom she met right before she co-hosted the Met Gala on May 2—are enjoying a night out at Ruth's Chris Steakhouse in Nashville.Or, she's still in the phase of life where she thinks she needs to look and act perfect all the time, one of those being easier to pull off than the other and neither truly sustainable in the long run.She has auditioned a few appealing candidates for leading roles, but so far none of them have really made it out of the glossy stage.

Whether or not that was Taylor getting revenge—on one, or all who've come before—or an instance of the luckiest photographer alive stumbling onto another one of Swift's Rockwellian tableaux, we're hearing that the two are "already very attached."Fittingly, Taylor "thinks he's the one."That may sound as cheesy as a ride on a tandem bicycle (we suspect Taylor's tandem-bike-with-wicker-basket days are just around the corner), but really, what would be the point if she didn't think that, if she's truly looking for love?We're thinking that when Taylor lets herself get messy with a guy—a nightmare who doesn't always make the effort to dress like a daydream—and the relationship just keeps chugging along, that's when we'll know.Found this funny video of short interviews with guy's from the 1980's, they say what they're looking for and not looking for in a woman.The second thing people noticed when Taylor was snapped on the beach near her Rhode Island home kissing and taking selfies with Tom Hiddleston last week was her outfit.Namely the fact that she was wearing oxford-esque leather shoes.- chez le spécialiste des pneus et de l'entretien courant auto : climatisation, freins, vidange, révision, amortisseurs...

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