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I decided to brave the online dating waters in order to see what's actually out there, and I've figured out what everyone who's ever tried and failed at online dating really wants to know: why online dating really, really sucks.

Now, I didn't sign up on any dating sites specifically to do research for this article.

I did sign up on some of them, but I did it because I legitimately wanted to try to date people from them, and maybe find something lasting.

And as I write this, I've had some mild success: I've been on a number of first dates, and a couple second dates, but nothing that's really gone past that point yet; dating involves a lot of trial and error before you get it right with the right person.

Reach out, say hi; men are far more likely to respond to you intelligently if you send them a message to respond to.

You want to get out and explore everything the city has to offer, but you also don't mind slow dancing in the living room. And if you're cute, it certainly wouldn't work against you ;) I'm seriously not exaggerating here at all.

If you just read profiles, it seriously seems like everyone is a carbon copy of each other.

Websites like e Harmony,, and Plenty of Fish are rapidly gaining prominence in the dating market for helping people find each other and start rubbing their soft bits together.

However, for every story of online dating success, there are even more tales of people who weren't able to find anyone, or who weren't able to find anyone worthwhile.

can put in a profile "people tell me I'm funny." I've seen variations on that phrase almost as often as "I'm looking for a partner in crime," to the point that it's completely meaningless.

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