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Council treasurer Blake Maries added to this by contending that these trial projects (such as coed dorms) should be fully developed, rather than having a coed dorm which is only 1/6 male.

Systems of political student-fac- ulty relations were also discussed.

Council president Eric Shafer mentioned his irritation with the Library cards All incoming freshmen and new students should come to the library to pick up their library cards for which there will be no charge.

Upper classmen should con- tinue to use the cards they re- ceived in previous years.

Others indicated a dissatisfac- tion with the existing grading sys- tem, feeling that this, more than Council needs student help Student Council committees are open to all interested students. Student Opinion / Poll — Sam Lindsay, Ron Springel.

East Ben- gal, with its 76 million people, was allocated 20'/, of foreign aid as compared to 80',i received by West Pakistanis.

It was pointed out that College Council, which served such a pur- pose last year, was virtually use- less because it had no power.

The possibility of a student-faculty senate was brought up, but not expanded upon.

The total population of Pakistan is about 105 mil Uon.

The East Pakistanis, while sharing a com- mon religion, are divided not only by geography but also by language and culture.

The re- placement cost for a library card is .00.

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