Dating rules for women over 40


It’s has certainly taken some pressure off me and allowed me to just enjoy a relationship without worrying about where it’s going.

I don’t like the idea of dying alone or getting sick, but it’s a reality.

Maybe when I’m older and there are fewer issues that might interfere like sex drives and career goals.

Right now, I’m focused more on my own individual life plan than anything else.

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Men in their age range probably aren’t looking for any kind of a formal commitment.

Your focus now should be finding someone you’re attracted to and whose company you enjoy and forget about his living quarters and portfolio.

– Yoram Soooo….let’s see how this comment goes over.

Because of this shift in my thinking, I’m less concerned with finding someone who will be a good provider for us.

As long as he can provide for himself I’m satisfied.

So a man doesn’t have to be “well educated.” (Though I do prefer he have at least one degree.) Basically, all the things I considered important in my thirties don’t really factor in to my decisions anymore. owning and financial security don’t really play in to my decision any more.

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